I WILL do:
[​IMG] Face shots, busts, thigh-up, and full body
[​IMG] Humans, animals, monsters, anthro, and fantasy (Dragons, faeries, elves, etc.)
[​IMG] Male, female, trans, etc. (really anything for this is fine)
[​IMG] Portraits and concept work
[​IMG] Original characters and established characters
[​IMG] Tattoo design, book covers, album art, etc.
[​IMG] Nudity, erotica, and adult Art
[​IMG] Macabre and horror
[​IMG] Bondage and some other fetish art
[​IMG] Graphic design
[​IMG] Avatars and GIF animations
[​IMG] Writing and editing work (English only)

I WON’T do:
[​IMG] Vore, scat, urination, etc.
[​IMG] Sexual imagery of actual children or minors
[​IMG] Any work for people who don’t respect me, my ToS, or who don’t pay.

[​IMG] Prices are negotiable and are adjusted based on the difficulty of the work and time spent. Please email me to discuss.
[​IMG] A down payment greater than or equal to half the total project cost is required before I start the bulk of my work on your commission.
[​IMG] Multi-subject work uses a formula of Base Price + 40% per extra person as a standard measure of pricing.
[​IMG] Extensive work done outside the original agreement may cost extra.
[​IMG] I only accept payment in USD via paypal. Click here to buy your slot.
[​IMG] Failure to pay for a project will result in blacklisting.

Copy rights for work is default retained by me when I am hired. That is to say, if you commission me to do work, you agree that I have rights to post work at my discretion. Commissioner anonymity is perfectly acceptable, but I must be made aware if you wish to remain nameless. Unless I give you a document stating that you are allowed to make alterations to or replicate the work in any form, you are allowed to have the copy you are given, but you are not allowed to change it or distribute it in any fashion (Example: printing T shirts or using imagery as a logo for other physically or digitally produced goods). This extends to unfinished work. For example, if you are having a tattoo done or a T Shirt printed, you are not authorized to get the work replicated until I give you a copy I considered finished. This is to ensure that work I consider worthy of representing my business is used for distribution purposes. I cannot stop you from getting unfinished work tattooed, for example, but it does mean I will not work with you in the future. You are not allowed to remove the signature or logo on work with the exception of cropping to use as an avatar or something similar. You are allowed to print the work for personal (commissioner’s) use. Examples of this include having a poster made for your wall or having a shirt printed for yourself. This does not extend to reproduction of any kind with the intention to be given or sold to others unless my express permission is acquired. To inquire about distribution or alteration permissions for an image, all you have to do is write to me and explain what your intentions are. If an image or writing is specifically meant for distribution (see above examples), I will, of course, give you licensing rights for reproduction at the time of agreeing to work on the project. ALL images and writings I am commissioned for may be posted publicly by myself and the commissioner unless otherwise stated at the time of commission negotiation.

[​IMG] I reserve the right to refuse service if I disagree with producing the content, working for the potential client, or if I have any other issues, whether stated or kept private.
[​IMG] I reserve the right to publish any of the work I create to various websites at my discretion.
[​IMG] I respect anonymity preferences. Please make me aware if you wish to remain anonymous as the commissioner of specific content.
[​IMG] I respect exclusivity. I will put a very large watermark on posted versions if desired to discourage third party use. (Examples: tattoos, company logos, etc.)
[​IMG] If you have multiple slots reserved, I may need to stagger work for others with your commissions to keep updates available for all my clients.
[​IMG] I am willing to do traditional (physical) work and mail it to a specified address. Pricing for traditional work will include shipping and handling fees. Mailed pieces will include tracking numbers for client verification.
[​IMG] All payments, once sent, are non-refundable unless I decline working on a project. Requests for additional work outside of the your commission agreement will be considered if desired, and additional fees may be applicable.
[​IMG] If you fail to contact me within 90 days of me requesting information pertaining to your commission, it may be removed from my list, and you may forfeit the slot as well as any payment you gave me for it. You are responsible for telling me what you want for your slot and providing me with necessary information pertinent to your commissioned work.
[​IMG] When payment is received after negotiations, you imply that you have read, understand, and accept all of my Terms and Conditions.
[​IMG] Any act of legal or payment fraud will result in immediate forfeiture of any open slots you hold with me, final products of any current projects, and any money previously sent, which will be withheld as grievance pay and compensation for issue resolution.
[​IMG] Similar rules to all the above apply to my written work. Please ask if you have questions!
[​IMG] You may re-post my work elsewhere as desired, but please credit!
[​IMG] Terms of service are subject to change as needed without notice.